Sunday, April 12, 2009

Missing in Action!!!

It's ironic that my last post was the birth of my daughter because that's where my free time has gone. And I gotta say it's amazing! She's growing so fast (I know everyone says that, but it is unbelievably true). I'll post some new pics of her soon if anyone's interested. As for posting art well... still waiting for a lot of it to be published before I can post, still working with Rob Liefeld on a lot of projects I'll post some links for those, and I unfortunately haven't had a millisecond for personal work which makes me really sad. It's something I have to MAKE time for in the near future before I forget that this isn't just a job :-P I hope there's still one person out there still checking in vain for a new post. It's Easter which means dinner with friends and family bit I promise within the next day or two I'll throw up a few illustrations I did recently. Hope everyone has a good holiday!


Here's a link to the latest project with Liefeld.
CBR - Armageddon Now: Jada

And some links on some articles about the first book.
CBR - Amageddon Now Unleashed!!!

And a preview of the first book with the not so awesome cover.
Newsarama Preview


Paolo Rivera said...

Happy Easter! I'm looking forward to seeing some new posts. And congrats (again).

capprotti said...

Thanx mang! Hope the new post doesn't disappoint. :-P

Eric Braddock said...

Awesome stuff going on, man! Great to see some of your new work, it's bad ass.