Friday, July 8, 2011

Ghoul Worm

Hey all!!! Been a minute or two since I put up some new art. Still waiting for a ton of NDAs to clear. BUT I just got the go ahead to post some of the first stuff I did for Paizo's Pathfinder. Hope you dig it, I'll have more up in the next couple of days.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wizard World Philly

Hey Guys, well it's been a YEAR since my last post but I've still been keeping busy. I've been putting most of my new work up on deviantART and have neglected my blog for some reason. But finally an update (but sadly no art :-( ) I just wanted to thank everybody that came out to Wizard World Philly and stopped by to say hello. It was awesome getting to meet you all. I had no idea what to expect and the turn out was incredible. Hopefully I can get some copies of the sketches I did and I'll upload them here. Still have 3 more to finish at home so they'll be up soon. Again thanks for making it such an enjoyable show. Hopefully I'll make it out to Baltimore if all goes well.