Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holy Updates Batman!!!!

I've been neglecting the hell outta this blog! And it's the easiest damn thing to update. I'm not gonna say that that from now on I'll update more often... cuz
I'm such a damn procrastinator! And now I've got another MAJOR distraction. A BEAUTIFUL baby girl. My daughter Sophia was born on the 13th of October and our lives haven't been the same since. Priorities have changed, routines are all outta whack and sleep...? I don't know the meaning of the word anymore! But it's all for the best reasons possible. At the risk of sounding corny, I feel so lucking to have such an amazing daughter.

As far as work goes, I've been working full time with Rob Liefeld on his Graphic Novel Armageddon Now. So that's been keeping me extremely busy! And I'm still working freelance on games like L5R and A Game of Thrones when I can. Every once in a blue moon I get to do something for myself. So I'll post all that good stuff here now. Hope ya digs!

Some L5R Cards

Some Call of Cthulu Cards

Some Liefeld stuff. Pencils by him, Paintover by me.

Variant Cover for Deadpool #1

Hardcover to Armageddon Now

SomePersonal stuff

A Wolvie for my boy Reau's Wolvie Wednesday Finale


Karen Hagen said...

Congrats Daddy!

Love the work! The illo world missed you but certainly understands the "distraction!"

Give lil Miss Capprotti my love.

capprotti said...

Ha ha ha, thank you Karen!!! I miss you guys! How is Caroline doing!? Are you gonna be at NYCC this year?

kvitella said...

Awesome butcher, self portrait?

capprotti said...

Ha ha ha! Not a self portrait, but it might as well be :P I should be this guy for Halloween next year.

mo said...

Gahhh! It all looks sooo good. I really love the dimeball tribute. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Mike your work is great!
It's great to see that you are still working in oils.
I know that paintings are huge so I much respect for what you do.
_Kojo (