Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L5R Trailer

So I just saw the Legend of Five Rings trailer and they used all the illustrations I did! Pretty cool.

The first two illustrations I did start with "It is a time of greatness" and then the one right after that. The other two I did show up later, but there's no text to tell you where it is. Enjoy!

Here are the cards I did. Hope you enjoy!


chris be said...

hey sir, great stuff! its striking how much atmosphere these cards have, really draws you in. excellent shot choice with daigotsu, cool to see that even though a) you can do the money shot, b) you know when to rein it for mood.

capprotti said...

Thanx a lot chris! Yea, these cards were a lot of fun to do. Playing with atmosphere was definitely something that I couldn't get enough of on this set. And yea, daigotsu doesn't even have to TRY to scare you... just look at 'em :-P