Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I have a total infatuation with the sky, it's many moods, colors, textures, values. Whenever I'm in my car, I pay more attention to the sky than the road... wait, that doesn't sound very safe! Anyway I really need to start doing more sky and cloud studies. This one was loosely referenced. Basically I opened a picture, glanced at it once or twice and got carried away with the sketch. I really nead to do some more in depth studies from actual reference. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


Bruce said...

This is sweet and I can totally relate, as I have been feeling the same in my neglect of something that I find fascinating as well. More times than not I find that I'm reaching for the sketchbook or camera that I did not bring with me when I see an interesting cloud formation. Clouds are characters in their own right.

capprotti said...

Ha ha, I hear ya man. I used to keep a camera in my glovebox for that exact reason. I have to put one in there again. TOO many missed opportunities.