Monday, November 9, 2009

Justly Earned Victory

This is an OLD one that I revised recently. I thought the original had potential but it had some real weak spots. I'd still like to refine this some more but I probably won't for a while and I just wanted to post this already. Hope you dig it!

Photoshop cs4


McLean Kendree said...

Oh man, L5R! Jeez, I bet Alderac are happy as can be with you doing illos for them! Super-boss.

A side-note: It is pretty trippy/cool to be flipping through my issues of Invincible and see that image you painted up over a Liefeld drawing as an advertisement. Small world man, small world.

capprotti said...

Ha ha, Thanx so much for the kind words Mclean! If I had my way I'd be doing super boss Illos for another game company as well, if you know what I mean :-P But in due time.

Side note: Ha ha ha, that's so funny. I run across that unexpectedly sometimes flipping through back issues. It still catches me off guard. That one was really fun to do.