Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ser Barristan Selmy

Just saw this on Fantasy Flight Games' site yesterday. This card was a LOT of fun to do. Kinda quick and dirty, I had to get it done in a day. Every once in a while it actually works out. Even though there's a lot of really loose elements, I enjoy the image as a whole and I'm glad FFG did as well. Hope ya digs!


Eric Braddock said...

I think we both know how much I dig epic dudes in armor. With that said, amazing piece, and in a day? Shit, man. Awesome!

capprotti said...

Thanx Eric! I should mention that a pretty realized sketch was already done and I painted over that which saved me a lot of time on the actual painting process. But I know how much you dig dudes in armor and I'm def glad you dig this one! :-D