Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Beast

Here's a new personal piece I did. This is kinda a before and after. I started this before going to bed one night and eventually took it to what I considered a finish. But after posting it a couple of other places and talking with some friends (especially Reau) I realized it needed more work. I hope you consider the new one to be an improvement. Either way I hope you enjoy the before and after.





Eric Braddock said...

The changes are a definitely plus, not that the original was bad by any means, but just the way it flows is a lot better with the changes you've made. This piece is sick, man!

capprotti said...

Thanx Man! I'm glad they were worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

From a layman, the finished product is so much more. But I have to say - the before is great!

capprotti said...

Thanx so much Mike!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Awesome work man! Seen your work a few times on CA(I'm Mr.Delicious on there). Lookin forward to checkin out your updates!