Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brock "MUTHA F*CKING" Sampson

I started this sketch at Wizard World Philly not long after chatting about the Venture Bros. with Joe Quinones . I said have to paint this, and here it is in all it's bloody glory. This is an homage to one of my favorite cartoon characters on TV as well as an homage to one of my favorite artists and friends Phil Rynda who was one of the original character designers for the show. I hope this painting does the character justice, it was a blast to do.


Mr. Joe said...

I LOVE it!
Great colors. Nice rendering. What did you use for the worn look on the letters?

Anyway - okay, okay. Consider my arm twisted.... I gotta get on that Dr. Girlfriend sketch.

Also, have you been watching the new episodes? So sweet!


wow this is really good dude kudos!!!!!

Harry said...

That's really cool except for one thing: you spelled "Samson" "Sampson".

Anonymous said...

That's DUKE NUKEM from the 90's game when they went VGA. Their 2nd game.

That was a fun game though...

capprotti said...

I know this is late as HELL! But I figured I'd finally reply :-P

Mr. Joe - Thanx mang! You know I shed a tear over both versions of your Dr. Girlfriend. Amazing!

Asaad Fuhaad - Thanx a lot! :-D

Harry - What... the... hell! How could I do that! Ha ha, that sux, and I really can't easily fix that. Oh well, I guess I'm gonna have to wear that badge of shame!

Anon - Ha ha, Duke Nukem is a fucking CLASSIC! I should actually do a Duke Nukem painting. That's long over due. I still have that game on my computer.